My Introduction

18 March 2020 — Written by Darshan Kumar

Hi there

My name is Darshan Kumar / DK and I'm an entrepreneur by passion. I am a Technical consultant, Cloud Architect, Startup enthusiast, Apache PMC, DevOps Engineer, Full stack engineer, Big data and AI. I am a Founder of Mozayc Blockchain Based E-commerce platform, KernAdler. CTO of TRIPA, Frogfish, Appcandy. Find me GITHUB Twitter Linkedin

- Frontend: JS Frameworks♥️ReactJS,AngularJS,VueJS,Gatsby,GraphQL
- UI/CSS:  HTML5,CSS,SCSS,LESS,Style components, Bootstrap
- Devops: AWS,GCP, Digital ocean,Docker, kubernetes, GITLAB/GITHUB/BitBucket pipelines,Cloud Formation,Terraform
- AWS Devops: Lamda,ECS,ECR,CloudFront,EC2,Serverless architecture,S3 bucket,SNS,DynamoDB,Cloudwatch,Code Pipeline
- Backend: NodeJS,PHP frameworks(Laravel, CodeIgniter),Python,C#,Java Spring.
- Data platform: Apache hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Atlas.
CI/CD - Jenkins, Circle CI, Travis
Provisioning infrastructure - Terraform, CloudFormation
Configuration Management - Ansible, Puppet, Chef
Monitoring & alerting - Prometheus, Nagios
Logging - Logstash, Graylog, Fluentd
Code review - Gerrit, Review Board
Code coverage - Cobertura, Clover, JaCoCo
Tests - Robot, Serenity, Gauge
- Responsive Web Design (RWD), Single Page Applications (SPA), Progressive Web Application (PWA)
- Cross Platform/Hybrid App Development - Phone Gap, React Native, Ionic, Flutter
- Test cases: Unit Testing, End to End Testing, Phantom JS
===== Dev, Build Tools ====
- Webpack
- Gulp
- Yarn
- Yeomen
- Chrome Dev Tools
- Oh My Zsh
- CSS Preprocessors (SASS)
- Vagrant

Entrepreneur, Innovator, Growth hacker and Apache Atlas PMC, Apache Hadoop committer, AI enthusiasts. Being a Entrepreneur building innovative products to solve the real time problems. As a Apache PMC, I have contributed to open source projects.

Open source contribution and COVID-19 Support :

Comapnies I associated while working on projects :


Founder & CTO

Pride of being a part of product innovation team

Contact Details

  • Slovakia : SBA, Twin City Offices B, Karadzicova 2, 811 09 Bratislava, Slovakia. Ph: +421 905 288 190
  • Belgium : Avenue de Tervueren, 1150 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Brussels. Ph: +32 465183127
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